Scott Michalak on the potential for a major health crisis in AD 38

I’ve been following the “Sewergate” story and Democrat Scott Michalak’s candidacy against Rep. Joel Kleefisch (R) in Assembly District 38 with great interest. The story provides a shocking illustration of what can happen when politicians put the needs of their political donors over those of their constituents. It can literally make people sick. Scott Michalak took to the airwaves this morning to discuss the potential for a major health crisis due to actions taken by both the DNR and Rep. Kleefisch. The interview was illuminating, and I highly recommend that people take the time to listen to it.

Click here to listen to Scott Michalak’s interview with Sly In The Morning.

And click here for more information about Scott Michalak or to donate time or money to his campaign.

Rep. Hulsey, Scott Michalak, and Rep. Jorgensen have spoken up about “Sewergate”

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