Marina Dimitrijevic-led County Board moves to consolidate its power

Looks like County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic is consolidating her base of power in Milwaukee County…

The board voted 17-1 to declare the board as “the primary and principal policy-making body for Milwaukee County government.” That means the board committee that crafts lobbying strategy and Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic get to declare the county’s position on issues before the Legislature.

Also, under the new rule, no county department head can talk to state officials unless they get the OK ahead of time from the board.

Abele or one of his department heads could still talk to legislators or Gov. Scott Walker, but they would have to make it clear they were expressing an opinion and not the official position of county government.

Defending the move, Dimitrijevic described the effort to consolidate power with the County Board and the County Board Chair thusly, “It’s a way to work together and have a clear and transparent process.”

I can’t wait for the inevitable Dimitrijevic challenge to Chris Abele in 2016….should make for some fascinating political theater!


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2 thoughts on “Marina Dimitrijevic-led County Board moves to consolidate its power

  1. This is like John Boehner, a guy representing a small portion of Ohio, gaining the ability to dictate U.S foreign policy, rather than the guy who gained a majority of votes in the entire country.

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