Governor Walker’s new clothes

This is well worth a read…

Dear Gov. Walker,

Ever since the recall election, the media has worked to paint a curious portrait of you as some kind of “moderate,” stressing always your someday-hopes of a bid at the presidency — assuming all that John Doe stuff goes away. Just this week, USA Today even found a UW-La Crosse professor to say that you’ve “been moving toward the middle and sounding more conciliatory.”

On the eve of your budget address, I’m writing to say we can see right through these phony new clothes. It doesn’t take X-ray vision to see that the changes you’re proposing in your second biennial budget are even more radical than the union-busting, protest-warranting, recall-inducing, school-defunding, health care-gutting, job-crushing measures of 2011. You’re just getting better at disguising them.


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4 thoughts on “Governor Walker’s new clothes

  1. It is obvious that criticizing “governor,” Scott Walker is absolutely a waste of time. Consider taking the facts presented in this article and bringing them directly to you Republican State Senator and Representative, to your school boards and to your local papers and radio stations and to your town, village and county supervisors and demand public resolutions from them in opposition to every piece of ALEC legislation being shoved down our collective local throats by this genuine sociopath and fascist corporate shill.

  2. “…this genuine sociopath and fascist corporate shill.”

    I do not agree.

    You omit Walker’s lack of an intellect and a conscience.

  3. Excuse my haste. No human completely lacks that which makes us different from the beasts, except to a degree in reasoning or moral judgements.

    I should have said that Wisconsin’s governor has a “diminished intellect” and a “false conscience.”

    There, that is more fair as well as accurate.

  4. As i watch walker shoot his mouth off tonight, I shure would like to know which state he is talking about. IT SHURE AS HELL ISN’T WISCONSIN !

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