Yes or No on Walker budget items #2

In a piece at Urban Milwaukee, Steve Walters posits 12 Key State Budget Decisions with brief descriptions from Governor Walker’s 2017-2019 biennial Wisconsin budget and asks if we are for or against. I will take a stab at each one…one at a time:

2.UW tuition freeze: Should a four-year freeze on resident undergraduate tuition on UW campuses continue for a fifth year? Yes/No

Yes by all means…we should provide as inexpensive an university education as we can for the citizens of Wisconsin. But that doesn’t mean that we should deprive the university of the revenue it needs to continue to provide world class education nor world class research. State support of the university must make up any deficits that result. And eventually it would be great to move to a tuition free UW system for Wisconsinites all around.

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