Whither MKE Cnty: Full Text of Rep Sanfelippo’s bill

For all of you policy wonks out there who want to see the full text of State Representative Joe Sanfelippo’s bill to gut Milwaukee County Government, please click here!

There is no doubt that the powers that be in Milwaukee County are openly taking advantage of the recent and current dysfunction in county government and the public’s growing dissatisfaction with the county as a result to make an egregious grab at consolidating power in the county executive’s office.

A dysfunction that County Executive Chris Abele has very obviously maintaining and encouraging as his personal policy agenda!

Who is doing the micromanaging now?


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10 thoughts on “Whither MKE Cnty: Full Text of Rep Sanfelippo’s bill

      1. Well since I can’t think of one thing in 30 years that government has done right liberal or GOP I would say Joes plan sounds common sense and could only help. Things can’t get worse so why not. Sounds like the Jeffersonian thing to do.

  1. Whither Blogging Blue’s once-comprehensive coverage of state-wide politics?

    There’s a lot more to this state than Milwaukee County. Until things get back to normal around here, I’ll be hanging out over at Cog Dis and other, more diverse, locales.

    1. Charles, this bill has generated a lot of controversy in Milwaukee County. One of its goals is to “divide and conquer” Democrats and progressives, and unfortunately that effort has been somewhat successful. I appreciate the recent focus on this issue at Blogging Blue.

      It seems that things will not get “back to normal” in our county (or in our state) for a long time.

      1. You are absolutely correct in everything you just wrote – which only highlights the need to be on top of what is going on in other places in addition to Milwaukee County. I think you know what I meant by “back to normal.”

        Guess it’s off to Cog Dis now.

    2. Mr. Kuehn.

      I appreciate your concern and thank you for bringing it up here. I am a volunteer here and have real job and a real life so I only have so many hours a week to devote to Blogging Blue. I have chosen to concentrate on Milwaukee County for the moment. I was hoping the other contributors would cover other issues.

      Once Zach has completed his campaign for Cudahy alderman, I am willing to bet you’ll see his contributions bring back the total coverage you are looking for.

      BTW: Cog Dis is also covering the county board kerfluffle pretty thoroughly.

  2. We have a wealth of blogs in WI right now and I encourage everyone with local or statewide interests not to close the door on any blog just because it doesn’t meet an interest need every day. I’m north of Milwaukee but Root River Siren is an everyday visit for me. The Political Environment, Blogging Blue and Cog Dis round out my top 4 and yes I occasionally find myself uninterested in a topic or unhappy with a viewpoint.
    But I’m still probably better informed than if I relied solely on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel or the West Bend Daily News for my information.

    1. Sue, thanks for your support for Blogging Blue. While we’re admittedly not as prolific as we were even a few months ago, I’m confident things will pick up post-April 2.

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