You Can’t Deny That It’s Personal

County Executive Chris Abele has protested that his support of Assembly Bill 85 isn’t personal so frequently that it’s nearly a cliche. The variety of additional follow up comments he has provided have often totally negated the not personal statement on many levels.

But assembly Democrats aren’t helping any by taking the same low road during the Assembly Government Operations Committee discussion of the bill before it was ultimately passed:

Rep. Brett Hulsey (D-Madison) repeatedly referred to Abele as a “spoiled rich kid” and “spoiled brat” who pushed the bill because he wasn’t satisfied “getting his way 98% of the time.” Rep. Christine Sinicki (D-Milwaukee) called Abele egotistic, saying that was likely why he fired Parks Director Sue Black last year.

“I think that was because of his ego,” Sinicki said of Black’s firing. “Because – you know what? – she was much more popular than him and he couldn’t handle one of his employees being more popular than him.”

There is no doubt that this is personal for Executive Abele…but there are dozens of valid reasons for Wisconsin to oppose this bill…do we have to stoop to this in opposition? I don’t think so.


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6 thoughts on “You Can’t Deny That It’s Personal

    1. From the number of and the tone of his comments about the board…and of course his repeated denials that have now been going for months that it is NOT personal…me thinkest he does protest too much.

      And Jake’s take on Exec Abele is probably right on the money.

  1. It also reminds me why I wish I lived 10 blocks west of where I do, because I’d be able to help boot that clown Brett Hulsey out of the State Legislature. What a buffoon.

    Actually, I just think Abele’s acting like the rich kid he is. They tend to be confused by the word “No,” which is a word that comes up often to an executive in government.

  2. Pointing out that certain Board members would take a cut in pay and that plays a huge role in their opposition to AB85 (which I can understand) isn’t making it “personal”.

    I think a lot of people are taking it personally, again I understand why, so they think that must mean those who support the bill are doing it for personal reasons. I can speak to this personally: apparently because I support a proposal/bill, I must HATE EVERYONE who opposes it.

    Hulsey came off as an ass on Wednesday and even more so on Thursday in the second committee meeting. When you can’t have a rational debate about what you support or oppose but instead launch into 4th grade school yard commentary, you’ve kind of lost the fight.

    That’s not me making a personal attack by the way, but I think it’s fair to say that’s a fairly objective phrase to describe his behavior.

  3. Know where you live? This is America. Personal attacks are powerful weapons. Look at the governor and the right wing call teachers thugs and parasites for examples. Just in case you didn’t know, the right has been winning. Their vile lies get eaten up because americans by and large are bloodthirsty superstitious bigots that never turn up a pass to kick someone when their down.

  4. I just don’t see what Abele has been saying as being “personal;” he’s simply advocating for his desired outcome.

    However, I will say that there are many on both sides of this issue who’ve made it very personal.

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