Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Essentially Ignores County Board in Fight for It’s Life

As I wrote about just earlier this evening, yesterday the Milwaukee County Board passed a resolution to ask the state legislature for permission to perform a second downsizing and redistricting within the current ten year period. You’d think that after all of the front and center articles that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has been publishing about Representative Joe Sanfelippo’s bill (AB85) to blow up the MKE county board, that this legislation would garner some major attention.


It gets buried in the last four out of five paragraphs in their article on the boards request for a separate audit into the contracts and costs related to the emergency extensions for the county’s paratransit service:

On another matter, the board voted 9-7 to seek state permission for a special redistricting to downsize the 18-member board. The board needs that authority as a possible part of a set of reform measures, said Dimitrijevic. She backs a board reform effort launched in response to pending state legislation that would cut supervisor salaries in half and the County Board budget by two-thirds.

Supervisor Michael Mayo Sr. opposed the downsizing move, saying supervisors should fight state Rep. Joe Sanfelippo’s bill rather than seeking to cut the number of supervisors.

Sanfelippo, a West Allis Republican and former supervisor, favors converting the board to part time as a way to curb what he says is micromanaging by supervisors.

A hearing on his bill by the Assembly Government Operations and State Licensing Committee will be April 10 at the Capitol. A committee vote on the bill was scheduled for April 11.

You’d also think that after their delight in discussing spats between the board and County Executive Abele, that any modicum of co-operation would get a bigger mention as well.


The County Board also confirmed two appointees for Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele: Administrative Services Director Don Tyler and Transportation Director Brian Dranzik.

That’s it…that’s all they wrote.

And that’s on top of the fact that it wasn’t until after the second OUR Milwaukee County listening session, that they could get around to writing about them.

That’s after gushing over Sheldon Lubar’s passion for destroying the board and his relationship with County Executive Abele!


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