Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

This is completely unsurprising…

A little more than a month ago, three County Board members held a well-attended press conference to explain why they were trying to oust Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic as their leader.

This week the threesome found out the price they would pay for their failed coup.

As part of Dimitrijevic’s reshuffling of committee assignments, the dissident supervisors — Mark Borkowski, Deanna Alexander and Steve F. Taylor — were all hit with demotions or reduced duties on the County Board.

Not a huge surprise.

But Dimitrijevic is refusing to own up to the obvious. Asked if she was engaging in political payback, Dimitrijevic issued a statement that skirted the issue entirely.

As Bice noted in his article, former County Board Chair Lee Holloway engaged in similar tactics in order to maintain his grip on power during his tenure as Board Chair.

This kind of petty, vindictive behavior is precisely why so many folks here in Milwaukee County dislike the County Board.


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