Gay marriage and the economy, Minnesota gets it.

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SCOTT WALKER: Bringing jobs since 2010

Gay marriage is good for the economy. Plain and simple.

Despite your views on marriage as a whole, and I’ll admit, being young I’m skeptical of marriage, we have to realize that this seemingly social matter, is actually quite fiscal. Marriage on a governmental level is mostly economic based in the first place. You get put into a different tax bracket, and certain family benefits are available to families that have marriage. For example, the child tax credit families receive is a household tax credit as opposed to a singular option.

But it doesn’t just stop at the spending or income on a tax level. Things like health insurance can cover a whole family, reducing costs of healthcare and worry that is put on a family in times of need. Even on the topic of healthcare, we are reduced to the simple argument of rights of the family when it comes to making health decisions or visitation rights at a hospital. Families not afforded the right to join in a civil union or marriage are denied these simple capabilities that are second nature for heterosexual marriages.

Scott Walker, and the WisGOP would like you to believe that any other type of marriage other than heterosexual marriages are taxing on the state, a burden on the family structure and against everything that is Christian.

Well I have some news for the GOP. In an article published by ThinkProgress in June of this year, they help me out by stating:

In 2004, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) looked at what it would mean for the federal government to recognize same sex marriages. In all, this would impact 1,138 statutory provisions in which marriage is a factor in determining benefits, including perhaps most prominently Social Security and federal taxes. The CBO found a slightly positive impact on the budget if same-sex marriages were to be legalized in all states and recognized by the federal government: an extra $1 billion each year for the next ten years. It estimates that the government would see a small increase in tax revenues: $500 million to $700 million annually from 2011 to 2014 depending on the fate of the Bush tax cuts (which were law at the time of the report).

So today when I opened up my Journal, I saw that Mayor Rybak of Minneapolis was in Milwaukee today inviting LGBT couples to come to his city and join in marriage under Minnesota’s recently adopted gay marriage law, I was elated. THIS GUY GETS IT.

He realizes the economic factors, the family benefits, the community vitality and the simple civil rights he can afford as a Mayor in one of the Midwest’s most vibrant economic hubs.

Scott Walker though? He’s just going to bury his head in the sand on this one. I wouldn’t expect we will see any movement from anyone on this issue until we dump him in 2014 and then we can move forward with this economic solution for our state “Scott free.”



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10 thoughts on “Gay marriage and the economy, Minnesota gets it.

  1. I’d just like to see the “Democrats” in the Illinois General Assembly pass a marriage equality bill here in Illinois. They had that opportunity to do so last month, but Mike Madigan and Greg Harris refused to call a vote in order to protect anti-equality Democrats in the state house from primary challenges.

    Due to the lengthy process needed to repeal a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in Wisconsin, that will be an uphill fight and a half, although it’s one that’s certainly worth fighting. Democrats would need to win control of both houses of the Wisconsin legislature (given Republican gerrymandering, that’s going to be very difficult, but not impossible), approve a resolution proposing a constitutional amendment to repeal the 2006 amendment banning same-sex marriage, retain control of both houses of the legislature, approve a resolution proposing a constitutional amendment to repeal the 2006 amendment banning same-sex marriage for a second time, convince a majority of Wisconsinites to vote to repeal the ban on same-sex marriage, retain control of both houses of the legislature again, and then pass a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in Wisconsin.

    1. Wisconsin has been set back at least a generation. Gay marriage, labor rights, the 800 million lost in light rail. The yet to be unleashed mining poisoning. Repeal of requiring the state to balance its budget plus things you mentioned and so much more. If my wife didn’t have strong family ties here I would definitely GTFO of here. Things aren’t going to change for the better here for a long time if conservatives maintain their stranglehold.

  2. Thanks Dustin.

    So much for the GOP’s commitment to “liberty,” and “getting government out of the way.”

  3. I’ve always wondered how “small government” conservatives who value individual freedom & liberty reconcile their opposition to same-sex marriage with their “small government,” freedom & liberty loving views.

    After all, governments stepping in to ban same-sex marriage would seem to me to be a great example of government intrusion into the private lives of citizens.

  4. The wedding industry in Minnesota will take the business. Bet on it. Minneapolis is looking better every day. I hear the economy is way better over there.

  5. Great post, Dustin, and great outline, Aaron!

    Walker and his ilk are burying their heads in the sand – out of bigotry. Christianity hasn’t anything to do with it. Walker and his ilk abuse and distort the Christian faith when they use it as a cover for bigotry. No we won’t see any movement on this one for some time which is why we need to keep talking about it even if it seems no one is listening. Keep posting, Dustin! Can’t wait for the next one in the series.

  6. Congrats on the inclusion at the Cap Times, sincerest sympathy for being mentioned in almost the same digital breath as Blaska.

    First time I visited DB’s IB blog, giving a free hit to his business webpage. Last time I’ll do that. Checked out his create an account tab in order to comment and decided immediately that my personal information required for an account, from my CC# pin, NRA proof of membership and right down to a copy of my Kenyan birth certificate was slightly over the top.

    Dumb enough to willingly give all that info to Blaska, translates to understanding the level of discourse I read.

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