Let Them Build The Casino Already

I don’t really care one way or the other if another casino is built in southeastern Wisconsin. The only time I patronize the Potawatomi casino in Milwaukee is for the occasional concert.

But to deny the Menomonee’s the right to build and operate a casino at the abandoned dog track in Kenosha because it will compete with existing casinos is silly. It certainly goes against Republican free market meme. And it’s ridiculous to say government shouldn’t be rewarding competitors to existing local businesses…when we do it all of the time. ALL OF THE TIME!

Let them build it.

By the way, doesn’t this point to a governor who can’t make a governing decision when if falls just outside of his rigid ideology or if his handlers don’t have any skin in the game? Or is he simply it waiting out until the contributions from the casino interests slow to a trickle?

Update: Governor Delays Again…well not exactly…now he has no timeline! LOL!


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1 thought on “Let Them Build The Casino Already

  1. There’s no mystery to the stalling. It gives both sides additional time to contribute to Scotty’s campaign coffers.

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