The Disrespecting of Mary Lazich

Mary Lazich, the sweet lady, the model of congeniality who holds profound respect for everything from woodland critters, to the mighty titans of society, was victimized by the Evil Lena Taylor, who refused to stop bullying a committee attorney.  Senator Taylor’s grave crime involved trying to get an answer to a question even after Queen Lazich forbids her from asking this question.

As punishment for Taylor’s incessant need to participate in democracy, Lazich elects to have a hissy fit and storm out of the room, declaring, “I’m the chair. I deserve some respect here.”

Don’t worry folks, the story doesn’t end here…she eventually came back, and because the committee is stacked with  drones, it voted to do Lazich’s bidding.

But it does beg the question….why does Mary Lazich think she is so deserving of respect, when just the other day she insulted anyone with a brain by claiming that a bill regarding race based mascots was not about racism or discrimination—but about due process.  She then went on to vote for a bill that would allow public schools to continue to demean Native Americans by using grossly drawn caricatures and words like Indians, Savages, Red Raiders, Redmen, etc.

What does due process have to do with any of this, Mary Lazich?  Do schools who adopt insulting and racist names deserve a day in court to justify their racism—and in this case, now a mechanism to officially sanction the behavior at a state level?

During the debate, Lena Taylor, the master of disrespect, decided to make everybody squirm by using the word “nigger” 5 times on the Senate floor.  (Of course most newspapers reporting this used “n-word” or said she “used an offensive word.”)  In her speech, she said, “If it’s not OK to call me a ‘nigger,’ if it’s not OK to call Chinese ‘chinks,’ and it’s not OK to call gay people ‘faggots,’ why is it OK for my brothers and sisters who are Native American to be called ‘redskins,’ ‘Indians’ and ‘savages?’ It’s not OK.”

Maybe Mary Lazich just feels entitled.  After all, her people helped slaughter Native Americans.  Her people helped conquer and subdue the Native population until there were so few of them that they’re generally statistically insignificant.  Her people didn’t conquer niggers, chinks, or faggots—just the Indian savages that got in the way of the white person’s manifest destiny.  So why shouldn’t Mary Lazich and her people feel free to culturally appropriate what’s left of the Native population and tell them they should be honored by Mary Lazich and her people’s obscene usage of them?  “After all, it’s an HONOR.  If they’re too stupid to be honored by our actions, it’s probably best we slaughtered these savages,” thought Mary Lazich.

Ok…I can’t really read Mary Lazich’s mind, which in retrospect, is probably a good thing.


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30 thoughts on “The Disrespecting of Mary Lazich

  1. Yes, Brian, we are so much better than Mary Lazich and those ordinary Americans who hold up the Native American “Indians” as models of humanity who use their wits and physical stamina so effectively to live in harmoney and honor among the harsh elements of nature.

    We should shame Mary and all those “racists” into mental lobotomy.

  2. I can’t really read Mary Lazich’s mind… You can’t read what does not exist.

    As one of Lazich’s constituents, I can unequivically state, she deserves no respect.

  3. No need for due process when Blogging Blue has decided you are guilty. Under DoyleLaw, one busybody complaint throws the case into the Department of Public Instruction’s lap. So much for dialogue. There, the mascot/nickname is deemed guilty until proven innocent. Lena Taylor says it is racist to use the word ‘redskin.’ Does she prefer the older term ‘negro’ or the current usage: ‘black’? BTW: should Indianapolis, Indiana, change its name? If “chief” is derogatory, what about the Admirals? Why does Stoughton name its kids’ sports teams after the rapacious and atavistic Vikings? Where is your proof that Mary Lazich’s ancestors hounded American Indians? Or are you being race-ist? As for Lena Taylor, I well remember her constantly interrupting citizens who came to testify about Act 10 during what was supposed to be a hearing in early 2011. But in her case, there was very little hearing and very much talking. That only delayed the hundreds of people who came to testify (mostly against) from taking their turn at the mic. BTW: whose team is named “Savages.” Or did you just make that up?

    1. Go Savages….
      Broken Bow High School, Broken Bow OK
      Hot Springs High School, Hot Springs, MT
      Lamar High School, Lamar CO
      Leflore High School, Leflore OK
      Quinton High School, Quinton OK
      Salmon High School, Salmon, ID
      Salmon River HS, Salmon River ID
      Savannah High School (Missouri)
      Sigourney HS, Sigourney IA
      Tecumseh High School (Oklahoma)
      Wynnewood, Oklahoma

    2. Poor little Davie a sad and takes offense at those who were unable to testify against naming rules against insulting people. Where have we seen that tactic used before, “taconite tiffany’s” hearings ring a bell, how about at the, “STFU or Ellis I’ll smash my gavel,” hearing on women’s choice, or maybe the two minute debate prior to the vote on Act 10?

      How much was the left side of the isle brought in to debate or discussion about the redistricting plan that your party initiated and enacted?

      I don’t have to know anything about what Looney Mary’s ancestors may have done to harm the indigenous tribal peoples of WI, I only have to look and what she and her full goose-stepping right-wingnut colleagues are attempting to do now with wetland destruction, deregulated mining, usurpation of public trust doctrine water rights, and take-over of home rule from local community control with armed mercenary forces, today to get a clear picture of completely sociopathic intentions to commit crimes against all humanity.

      IOKIYAR is the only mantra for WI, then.

  4. I love Lena Taylor. But please don’t tell her. I want the honor of telling her myself.

  5. You still need to make the case that “Indian” is a derogatory term and why, if it is, the state of Indiana shouldn’t change its name. At least you admit that the word “Savages” has no relevance to Wisconsin. I did look up — at random — two of the communities where the term is used. Tecumseh, Potawattamie County, Oklahoma, is 13% native American. Broken Bow is 18%.

    Nonquixote supports “rules against insulting people.” That doesn’t seem to stop him from using terms like “Looney Mary” and “goose-stepping right-wingnuts.” Irony, non-quixote?

    Zach, you are welcome to visit the Stately Manor at my Bring It! blog. Guaranteed no name-calling — not even “troll.” Unless you consider “progressive” to be pejorative.

    1. No irony at all little Dave, when the shoe fits her, she can wears the label as a public figure not seemingly capable of rational or sensible thought of any fashion on any issue.

      I don’t see any particular ethnic group attached to the descriptive word looney, nor is there a particular ethnic group (north European Caucasians?) associated with a style of marching practiced by an historic political movement bent on genocidal cleansing and conquest, which is exactly what the Republicans running this state are intent on furthering through threatening the home lands of our northern tribal neighbors by pushing deregulating mining and admittedly intent on destroying several related public trust doctrine resources forever, all for the short-term profits of a few corporate beneficiaries.

  6. nonquixote: “genocidal cleansing and conquest, which is exactly what the Republicans running this state are intent on furthering …”

    Here’s a towel; please wipe up the spittle.

    1. Can’t get enough nitwits to go talk to you at your “blog,” so you have to come trolling around here spreading BS?

      90K citizens plus kicked off BadgerCare, refusal of money to extend Medicaid, attempting to deregulate high capacity wells, relaxing rules governing wetland preservation, pretend that airborne asbestos will not be a problem if mining proceeds to R goals, neutering the DNR to forgo the ability they may have had inspect and enforce existing environmental regulations, State partisan AG refusing to follow the law along partisan lines and bought and paid for majority decisions by the WI Supreme Court, take it in any form you like.

      Your only come back is to fail to address any particular issue I raised and attack me personally. Shows just how petty and shallow you and your party are. Who’d have guessed otherwise from a expert like yourself? Oh, for future reference, an “ex,” is a has been and a, “spurt,” is a drip under pressure.

      Come on back when you have something intelligent to contribute. Pigs don’t fly and hell isn’t freezing over, so hopefully that will be beyond my life time.

  7. I addressed myself to the issue at hand, that being Indian mascot names — not your subsidiary issues. I asked if the state of Indiana should change its name. No response. I asked if it was fair for one person to kick a purely local issue to Madison bureaucrats at the DPI, where the school district is presumed guilty until proven innocent. No response. I ask how “Indian” is pejorative? No response. I point out that “Savages” — putatively the most offensive of the terms you listed — is used in communities with large Indian populations. No response. You fret about receiving personal attacks (although I have not personally attacked you) but feel free to personally attack others. Mary Lazich is guilty of genocide and possibly her ancestors, as well, according to your blog.

    1. Wait Davey, to whom are you addressing this comment? Did you not notice the word, ‘Reply,” in the blog format or are you just ignoring it? I’m just an average, self-employed, never took any government handout yet, gun owning, trailer trash white mother. You should know, being as clever as you’ve claimed on public radio, that you should be addressing your questions to the state’s Native American population, not here, seeing as how you seem incapable of figuring how these racially offensive terms are what they are to the people taking offense with the usage and keep asking the questions.

      If you were addressing me, Bloody Mary and her Republican legislative cohorts would be practicing genocide if mining on their terms is allowed to proceed. My previous statement said I didn’t need to know about Mary’s ancestors to see what is potentially happening now. Duh! I made no claims as to ancestral behaviors.

      Have a good evening, dave, this is not my “blog,” and what I do here is called posting a, “comment,” to this particular, “diary,” submitted by an individual, “author.” You might want to brush up on understanding the basics of this medium before venting any more noxious gas. This digital format makes it tough, I understand poor babe, and prevents you from just talking over and interrupting other guests as you did on WPR.

    2. The state of Indiana’s name means “land of the Indians.” Don’t see anything wrong with that as it is an historically accurate description of who resided there originally. So that’s a poor analogy you use. Of course, most Indians were removed from the state confines so the name isn’t terribly representative these days.

      Is it fair for one person to kick start this campaign … sure, why not? Or are you against the rights of the minority being protected?

      The name Indian is perjoratve simply because there are Native Americans and many others who feel it is…not really that difficult. I don’t see any teams called Caucasians or Whiteboys, or even the Blaskas. Wouldn’t you be upset with those names? Maybe not, but I assure you someone would be.

      btw: I don’t think 13% and 18% are terribly large populations. I suspect the small minority you refer to had no say in the naming of the sports teams.

      1. You are correct in saying that “someone would be offended.” That’s the kind of society we’re living in these days. We have people offended by the Star Spangled Banner and the Pledge of Allegiance. But you posit a “right” — the right not to be offended — that does not exist. There is no such right.

        If Indiana, the “land of the Indians,” is not offensive, then why is the term “Indians” offensive? BTW: the native American community is by no means united on that front. The Seminoles are proud that Florida State’s teams are named after them. As for our Oklahoma “Savages” — I checked those two towns because the state has a very high % of Indians, many of them millionaires from oil. I am guessing that Indians/native Americans/First Peoples, etc. play important roles in their sports teams.

        If you did name a team the “Whites” you’d create a firestorm of protest, Klan references, etc. There is a team named the Browns — but that NFL football team is named after its founder, Paul Brown. The Stoughton Vikings and the DeForest Norsemen seem to bother none of the Norwegians thereabouts. Nor does the Fighting Irish seem to trouble Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly, presumably Irish himself.

        Furthermore, the cure is worse than the disease. To have a single troublemaker kick a purely local decision to the purview of unelected bureaucrats in Madison is obnoxious. Seemingly half the communities in Wisconsin have Indian names. That includes Mukwonago, btw. Do you really think that town is disparaging its own heritage. Even the town weekly newspaper is named the Mukwonago Chief. Is it all a big joke to those folks?

        But thanks for being civil, unlike some of the other posters here! We can agree to disagree without being disagreeable.

  8. Zach, are Eisold and nonquixote typical of your followers? Allowing DNR-regulated iron mining in Iron County is “genocidal cleansing”? Mary Lazich is a Nazi? Are these the people who are going to elect Kathleen Vinehout governor of Wisconsin? For my blog.

    1. The absurdity of your comments here never ceases. Zachary doesn’t have followers, his comments are his own, and those comments by other people contributing here are their own and not necessarily the views of the blog owner. Zachary provides a forum for discussion, you know, the place for the intelligent pondering of ideas used to happen, before A.L.E.C written policy, delivered through their paid Republican legistative operatives, shut it down for all the people of WI, in our statehouse.

      So therein is the crux of the matter in the politics of the left that most of us visiting here would like to encourage and bring successfully to fruition. Everyone’s contribution is heard, ideas are encouraged, participation is encouraged, good ideas will hopefully rise to the top after discussion and be acted upon for the greater good of our society and not just for the obscene enrichment of a few who would despoil and harm others at will, for personal monetary gain. Social morals, the fact that there is enough for everyone and there is room to preserve the little blue marble, the only spaceship we have, indefinitely, matters to us.

      I didn’t limit genocidal tendencies to Lazich here in WI, they get spread to every Republican legislator, the governor, every right-wing blogger supporting them, and the individuals like the Kochs (with actual historical, financial profiteering ties to genocide practiced in the past century, lest we forget) who are willing to use force to extract and despoil anything and everything upon which life depends, to grab power and control over all of us, abuse is the definition of that action, from micro to macro. Simple enough for you to grasp, bright boy, or are both functioning neurons of your logical bulb firing at once confusing you?

      No one is missing the FACT that the current right-partisan DNR leadership has no desire to follow its intended historical environmental protection mandates any longer. Oh yes, who was it that authorized the Gov to appoint favorites to those positions? No one here is missing the fact the organization has been defunded to the point of being unable to test and supervise or enforce regulations that have not already been neutered to the point of being meaningless. Joy Cardin doesn’t call you on your bull-crap statements, but I can.

      Its hard to believe that anyone who actually believes the stuff you spew as knowledge or reason or useful political policy, even has the mental capacity to ride a Harley upright. Must be the predominance of primitive brain functioning to the exclusion of any actual thought that enables the magic. Recitation and repetition of what you are told, is not what happens here, Dave. Isn’t there somewhere else you should be trying to fish for readers. I doubt there are many here willing to give up a real email address to you for the privilege of bringing it to you.

      Being so irrelevant to the people you helped into positions of power, must really suck. Reduced to trolling sensible blogs like this one, to try to pick fights and be disruptive. It is really grand to witness the non-fruition of your efforts to get a piece of their action. Dave Blaska, right-wing toast.

        1. The sound of your thought processes, hey, we already noticed. Recital and repetition as I stated previously. Thanks for the further proof.

  9. Blaska,

    How about you hop on your “little hog” and take a trip to Bad River to put these questions to Bad River tribal members? I’d pay admission to see that.

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