What will Republicans think of Justin Moralez helping elect Democrats to State Assembly?

Later this morning, Cudahy Ald. Justin Moralez will formally announce his candidacy for the State Assembly as a Republican.

Once he formally kicks off his campaign, Ald. Moralez is probably going to have some explaining to do with Republican primary voters, who no doubt expect a certain amount of conservative purity from the candidates vying to challenge Democratic Rep. Chris Sinicki in the fall. Why will Moralez have some explaining to do?

Well, because in February of this year he attended this fundraising event on behalf of Democratic State Assembly candidate Jonathan Brostoff. In fact, here’s a photo taken as the event concluded, with Moralez second from the left in the front row of the photo.

Moralez at Brostoff fundraiser

While I love to see Republicans helping raise money to elect Democrats to the State Assembly, I’m not sure Republicans who comprise Justin Moralez’s base will feel the same way.


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5 thoughts on “What will Republicans think of Justin Moralez helping elect Democrats to State Assembly?

  1. Jonathan Brostoff also has some explaining to do. Why would he allow someone who is running against Christine Sinicki, who is perhaps best known for having the courage to say what half of Wisconsin truly thought about Scott Walker’s State of the State address, to fundraise for him?

    If you live in the 19th Assembly District of Wisconsin, vote for Sara Geenen. Unlike Brostoff, she won’t give Republicans like Justin Moralez any political cover.

    1. Is Brostoff supposed to have a bouncer at the door, preventing any Republicans from walking in?

    2. Aaron, I’ll have to agree with Runsasone, and I’ll add that Moralez has been very diligent about not “letting the cat out of the bag” in regards to his political affiliation prior to his announcement this week. Many folks have been wondering what side of the political spectrum he happened to fall on, and now we know.

      And just to clarify, Moralez didn’t fundraise for Jonathan; he likely just made a contribution to Jonathan’s campaign.

      I still think Jonathan is the best progressive candidate in that race, and he’ll still have my support.

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