Warren Petryk goes AWOL

Ask any GOP legislator what he or she thinks of our veterans and they’ll practically stumble over their feet to rush in your direction with glowing praise. Ask them to do the right thing for veterans by standing up to corporations and, well ………. they’re nowhere in sight.

Dem Reps Dana Wachs, Nick Milroy and Andy Jorgensen held a press conference on Wednesday, July 30th, to announce their intent to introduce the ” Full Compensation for Victims Act “,  legislation that would repeal what they call the ” Corporate Profits over Veterans Act “,  a bill signed into law last spring by Governor Walker which limits the rights of victims suffering from asbestos related illnesses to sue in court for damages.  Over 60% of these kinds of cases in Wisconsin over the last decade were filed by veterans, so it’s no surprise that Wachs, Milroy and Jorgensen were joined Wednesday by prominent veterans advocate Jason Johns who noted that vets groups totaling 100,000 members are opposed to the GOP backed and business friendly Corporate Profits over Veterans Act.  But guess who wasn’t at the press conference?

GOP Rep Warren Petryk, Chair of the Assembly Veterans Committee. What a shocker! Petryk,  the guy who runs around the 93rd Assembly district claiming that serving our veterans is the greatest honor of his life, voted for AB 19,  the Assembly version of the Corporate Profits over Veterans Act, knowing full well that every major veterans organization in Wisconsin was strongly opposed to it. What a profile in courage, eh? Can you say ” rank hypocrisy of the first order ? ”

I knew you could!


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6 thoughts on “Warren Petryk goes AWOL

  1. I imagine our rep., Terry Moulton did the same thing. They seem like birds of a feather. never around when you need them.

  2. So what else is new?

    Hypocrisy is not limited to the GOP’s failure toward veterans. I know, as a veteran, of what they misspeak and deny.

    Check out Ryan’s proposed budget addressing those suffering poverty; it is a classic for double speak. What a phoney!

    But the worst all is the Republican’s mantra of “pro-life” while supporting the pro-death agenda of the NRA. It is an evil contradiction of epic proportions.

    And how about the many Catholic and other Christian Republicans, as my Congressman, Sean Duffy, or my Senator Johnson, and their fellow, faux pro-lifers, failing to heed their traditional Church practice to grant “sanctuary” to refugees who are fleeing persecution in the form of rape, slavery, or death especially children? Do not these so-called Christians hear or understand the message directly from Jesus Christ, “Let the little children be, and do not hinder them from coming to me…” Matthew 19:14?

    Or from the old Testament, consider: “You shall treat the alien who resides with you no differently than the natives born among you; have the same love as for your self; for you too were once aliens in the land of Egypt…” Get it? All of us, except for Native Americans, are refugees or their progeny. See Leviticus 19:34, thanks to an ED SHOW’s evangelical guest. Even President George W. Bush signing HR7311 in 2008 knew the “kids” needed “sanctuary.”

    To put it in the vernacular, it seems to me Boehner and his fellow “folks” have no balls, or pretending to be representing all people, or are just plain dumb. All three is a strong possibility.

  3. Representative Petryk,

    How can you ask people to pray for you and profess to be a christian when you neither support veterans or have compassion for children??? Or is the real reason you vote the way your party bosses tell you to vote?

  4. Several months ago I wrote an editorial which was published in the Leader Telegram in which I contended that Jeff Smith’s “replacement” in the 93rd was nothing more than a “yes man” for Walker whereas Jeff always took a stand that he’s based on carefully weighing of the facts. I immediately received a somewhat scathing e mail from morning talk show host Marty Green for my scurrilous attack. I say again. Just take a look at Petryk’s voting record and you decide if he indeed thinks for himself.

  5. Once, when I asked Mr. Petryk about his stand on an issue, his reply was, “I don’t know. I’ll have to ask my party.” On another occasion, when I challenged him on a specific piece of legislation, he responded,” Well, I don’t know. I’ll have to look into that.” My response: “That’s odd. Because you are a co-sponsor of the bill. Have you read it?” Our elected representatives are suppoosed to think for themselves and make decisions in the best interests of the constituents. I don’t think that Mr. Petryk’s responses are evidence of critical thinking; in fact, they are evidence of not thinking at all. A few months ago, he was poised to vote the Republican party line on a bill which would have removed local control over air and water quality, a bill drawn up by the sand mining companies. He was saved from that gaffe by the Reopublican leadership, which pulled the bill from the Assembly floor to save its members (Petryk included) from having to vote on it and then facing the outrage from constituents at the ballot box in November. We can do better than this.

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