Jacob’s Guardian – considering donating to a good cause

This is a good cause and while I recognize money is tight for many of us, I hope you’ll consider making a donation.

Like a lot of Autistic children, Jacob is primarily non-verbal, and tends to wander. He was like any other happy child until the age of 20 months. At that age we noticed that the speech he did have was disappearing, and he no longer made eye contact with us. He seemed to be moving into his own little world. It was then that we received the news that he was on the moderate side of the Autism Spectrum. We have since secured for him, (and our daughter Leyna, who is also on the spectrum) a team of therapists that have been a great help in bringing out their social, and verbal sides. Jacob does not speak on his own, but now knows several words that he can say when prompted. But we are still unable to understand what he is asking for, or needs. He also tends to wander, and if we take our eyes off of him, even for a second, he will just walk aimlessly.

We contacted, and were accepted by a great organization called “4 Paws for Ability” that raises, and trains service dogs for children with Autism, and other physical, and neurological hurdles, as well as training service dogs for wounded military veterans. They are located in Xenia Ohio, which is about an hour drive from Cincinnati. They will train a dog to “Track” Jacob if he was to wander away from us, help him with his sleepless nights, and to do many other things for him, and with him, that we hope will dramatically change his life for the better. There are many situations that we face on a daily basis, whether it is going to a restaurant, shopping center, or just to a friend or relative’s house, that can be very difficult. We truly believe that a service dog is just what he needs to help him become the independent, confident person that we know that he can be.

Any donation you make will directly benefit 4 Paws for Ability. For every dollar that is donated, one point will be awarded to Jacob’s fund. We need to achieve the 14000 point mark to bring Jacob’s new best friend, and helper home. Please help us if you can. Any donation will help, $20, $50, $500, whatever you can afford. Please help us in our efforts to help our son cope with the daily challenges he faces.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and again if you are in a position to help, please know that we all appreciate all that you do, and know that you helped make a difference in the life of a wonderful child.


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