Richards campaign submits 4,000 signatures, with signatures from every county in WI

From my email inbox comes news that Democratic Attorney General candidate Jon Richards submitted 4,000 nomination signatures (the maximum allowed) and that the signatures came from all 72 of Wisconsin’s counties.

Jon Richards’ campaign for Attorney General announced today that all 4,000 signatures they submitted to the GAB were accepted, the maximum allowed. The campaign also announced that they gathered nomination signatures in every single one of Wisconsin’s 72 counties to demonstrate the breadth of the campaign’s grassroots outreach.

“Our campaign is serious about organizing and talking to voters in all corners of Wisconsin,” said Richards. “Thanks to our volunteers and supporters in all 72 counties, our campaign will continue to advance a vision to keep Wisconsin families safe, defend our constitutional rights, and protect our shared values.

“Wisconsin voters want an Attorney General who will stand on their side, and I will be that Attorney General,” said Richards.

The announcement that the campaign gathered signatures in every county follows the news that the campaign has also received contributions from all 72 counties in Wisconsin. More than 140 current and former elected officials have endorsed the campaign as well, including Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson and Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca, and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

“Jon is best positioned to win both the primary and the general election because he’s got great qualifications, the broadest experience and the right values,” said Sachin Chheda, senior advisor to the campaign. “By turning in the maximum number of signatures, including signatures from all 72 Wisconsin counties, we are demonstrating the strength of our campaign and our ability to organize in every corner of Wisconsin.

“The only way to win this race is to run a true statewide campaign, and it is clear Jon Richards has a substantial statewide advantage and the momentum in the race for Attorney General,” said Chheda.


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