Vince Synowicz’s crazy income tax “plan”

Last week Republican Assembly candidate Vince Synowicz released his “Six Points to Prosperity” plan to “grow and strengthen Wisconsin’s middle-class.” Here’s the second of the six points of Synowicz’s “plan.”

2.) Overhaul the state’s tax code by shrinking the number of income brackets and lowering rates across the board. Any overhaul of the state’s tax code should reward success and hard work, not punish them. That’s why, ultimately, in the long run, I would like to see the income tax eliminated so that hard working Wisconsinites can keep the money they earn and spend it where it belongs rather than giving it to politicians who continuously claim to know how to spend the people’s money better than the people themselves.

After reading Synowicz’s press release, I’ve come to the conclusion his isn’t a plan to grow and strengthen Wisconsin’s middle class; it’s nothing more than a poorly thought-out scheme that would only work with massive cuts to state government and services or with a huge increase in the sales tax. After all, according to income tax statistics from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, Wisconsin collects roughly $5.73 billion in income tax revenue, and the loss of that revenue would blow a huge hole in the state budget. Curiously, there’s no mention in Synowicz’s scheme of how he’d replace the $5.73 billion in lost tax revenue, and when I contacted him for clarification on how he’d replace that lost tax revenue, he said, “The decision of determining where that lost revenue will come from will be better determined in the future when we’ll have a better picture of what the state’s economy looks like at the point in time when the income tax would be phased out.”

In other words, Vince Synowicz has absolutely no plan on how he’d replace the nearly $6 billion in tax revenue his scheme would take out of the state’s coffers, but Synowicz’s lack of a concrete plan isn’t surprising, considering the issues page of his campaign website reads like the standard talking points you’d expect from any run-of-the-mill conservative candidate for office.

At any rate, the voters of the 8th Assembly district would certainly be better off voting for incumbent Democratic Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa, because she’ll stand up for workers and the middle class, while Vince Synowicz would like serve as a rubber stamp for the anti-worker, anti-middle class policies of Gov. Scott Walker.


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1 thought on “Vince Synowicz’s crazy income tax “plan”

  1. Zach, thanks.

    Vince loves Washington, D.C..

    He hates “local control,” and the Republican party.

    When you cut revenues to state and local government you force the FEDERAL government to take over those state and local responsibilities.

    Evidently, Vince wants the Wisconsin State Assembly abolished. Think how much that would “save” the taxpayers.

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