More than 100 ballots missing in 17th State Senate Democratic primary recount

This is more than a little disconcerting.

More than 100 ballots are missing in the 17th Senate District Democratic primary recount, a city clerk in Green County said Tuesday.

Official results showed Ernie Wittwer leading Pat Bomhack by just seven votes out of more than 7,600 cast, prompting Bomhack to request a recount, which began Monday.

But Green County officials discovered Monday night that the number of ballots counted by voting machines in the city of Monroe on Aug. 12 and certified by the board of canvassers was about 110 votes higher than the number of ballots counted Monday for the recount, Monroe City Clerk Carol Stamm said.

It goes without saying that the missing ballots in the Democratic primary recount are a huge issue, but it’s important to note that the missing ballots will create a huge setback for Democrats, as they’ll be forced to deal with this issue rather than focusing on coalescing behind their nominee for the general election. The 17th Senate district is winnable for Democrats in the fall – provided election officials can figure out which Democrat won the primary.


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4 thoughts on “More than 100 ballots missing in 17th State Senate Democratic primary recount

    1. Michelle, the missing ballots are from the City of Monroe, which means City Clerk Carol Stamm would be the person responsible, given that she’s the local official tasked with overseeing elections. Among the pages she “likes” on Facebook are a Republican Assembly candidate and the Conservative Daily community, so it appears she’s not a Democrat.

      Now perhaps you’re privy to some information I’m not, but if that’s not the case, stop pulling things out of thin air.

    2. For anyone actually interested Michelle, a straw man argument (democrats cannot do bookkeeping, do you really want the head of WEDC to explain to us the finer points of loosing $56M of tax-payer funds?)with your unsupported with facts, politically biased belief, is not what the topic of the post is (yes, it appears obvious that needed to be explained to you), but two of the election officials, directly responsible, in this case, gave extensive live interviews about what actually happened so far.

      You can find their actual comments at Sly Sylvester’s website usually within a few days, posted as podcasts, publicly available for listening. You will then hear from them (the horse’s mouth, not to be confused with Ann Coulter) that the original computer count of the total number of votes agrees with the actual log of voter signatures, nobody miscounted anything. What appears to be the case is the 100+ paper ballots are missing, suspected at this pint of being hidden or possibly stolen. Them’s the facts as they stand at this point in time.

      Are you possibly the same Michelle who mistakenly gets re-invited to WPR and Cardin’s show as a political figure who supposedly knows something about politics? Readers here would really like to know.

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