Governor Walker Continues To Run Against The Predecessor

Just as he did in the 2010 election, the 2012 recall election, and the 2014 election when he ran against FORMER Governor Jim Doyle, in his stump speech in South Carolina, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is waging his presidential campaign against the incumbent, President Barack Obama!

In his Columbia appearance, he talked up his union fight, fired verbal blasts at President Barack Obama…

Hey governor…where are your bold initiatives? Stop running against someone who will not be in the campaign.


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3 thoughts on “Governor Walker Continues To Run Against The Predecessor

  1. Hey Scotty- Do you really want to compare your record on jobs and the deficit vs Obama? Cause I know the numbers, and you really don’t want to go there.

    But the GOP base is filled with anti-Obama bigots, so that’s who he’s gearing to. Too bad for him that this strategy would guarantee 400+ electoral votes for the Dem candidate in the November 2016 election, and a Dem takeover of Congress. But if that’s what the GOPs want…

  2. Morning Ed,

    While I get it that Walker is stepping in it at just about every turn, that his chances of becoming the Republican nominee are increasingly questionable, and that it is fun to focus on the easy road of preaching to the choir over the endless Walker follies, I’d like to make a request that you get a post up, if you would, about the 28 minute, Vinehout endorsement of Laning interview I linked to yesterday, and the short conversation starting here:

    To the point of your post about Walker, as he continues to prove his tea-loyalty as the consummate politician reacting even prior to the pull on puppet strings by his patrons (which may be pissing them off more than just a little, Pinocchio is beginning to think he might have actually become a boy with a functioning intellect) Wisconsin is going to get this cretin fully dumped back in our laps with a huge accumulation of a campaign war-chest in about a year to wreck more havoc than he can right now.

    How are the Dems going to handle that? Vinehout, (above) I believe is calling for cooperation and a coalition to begin addressing real issues in the party itself. An immediate change of focus from Walker, not avoidable prior to the DPW chair election, saying that it will take a group effort to resist the one DPW chair candidate who personally, I am fully opposed to, Jason Rae.

    Walker is coming back to Wisconsin, disappointed, maybe angry, with a fleet of Brinks trucks. To me it is sad to see Dems further avoiding examination of their future, falling further into allowing divide and conquer distractions to largely rule their discussions. But there you have it. Ignore the obvious at all our peril.

    Easy road though, eh?

  3. I am not wholly preaching to the choir when I write about Gov. Walker’s foibles and follies. I know that we have readers outside of the state who are paying attention but don’t necessary comment here.

    As for the party, I expect to see a document from the DPW this spring or before the state convention at the latest discussing some of the issues from 2014. There isn’t a total vacuum there.

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