Then-Rep. Scott Walker wanted to give doctors ability to lie to women to prevent abortion

This is absolutely crazy…

However, if then-Rep. Scott Walker (R) had gotten his way, Wisconsin doctors who opposed abortion would have been allowed to withhold that information from the woman if the doctor feared she might get an abortion.

Along with 34 other lawmakers, Walker introduced AB 538 in September 1997. At the time, if a health care provider withheld information about a fetal disability while abortion was still an available option, they could be liable for the child’s future medical expenses. But AB 538 would have changed that.

According to the bill’s text:

This bill creates an immunity from a wrongful birth or wrongful life action for a person who commits an act or fails to commit an act and that act or omission results in the birth of a child because a woman did not undergo an abortion that she would have undergone had the person not committed the act or not failed to commit the act.

In other words, the bill would make it legal for pro-life doctors to withhold information from patients.

This is precisely the kind of extremism that will play well with the extremist conservatives who make up the base of the Republican Party as we advance towards Gov. Walker’s inevitable presidential run.


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1 thought on “Then-Rep. Scott Walker wanted to give doctors ability to lie to women to prevent abortion

  1. This current chapter with the abortion issue, civics tests for HS graduation, MPS turnover to privateers episode infinitum, just parts of the never-ending string of planned distractions from the dismal budget and state economic outlook. We’ve seen it before and no doubt it will continue unabated. On the home front R state Reps posing with four-yr-old kindergartners for, “we care about education,” photo ops.

    DPW getting into the POTUS race with their *Where’s Walker* billboards, likely at the urging of DNC and missing the obvious illegalities of something as clear the GOP openly using state resources to promote their party political agenda.

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