Ted Cruz Has Lost The Last Nuts Off His Wheel:

Relying content from a right wing blog, Ted Cruz is saying that Robert Lewis Dear, the terrorist involved in the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado is quote: “a transgendered leftist activist”. And the left wing is responsible for his attacks, not Senator Cruz or Carly Fiorina or anybody else from the hate right who have been consistently demonizing Planned Parenthood.

When a reporter reminded the Texas senator that the suspect allegedly made a comment about “baby parts” while being arrested, Cruz countered, “It’s also been reported that he was registered as an independent and a woman and transgendered leftist activist, if that’s what he is.”

He has gone totally off the tracks…and the only article that I can find about the topic all quote Sen. Cruz…not another article anywhere (so far) on the topic. Is the whole GOP candidate list just a bunch of wanna be fiction writers?

HEY…when will the progressive candidates start quoting Blogging Blue? Or are we too tame for them??


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