My reaction to Sen. Tim Kaine as Hillary’s VP pick: “Meh.”

As if to assuage the fears of Wall Street, big businesses, and corporate Democrats who worried she got a little too progressive in her rhetoric during the Democratic presidential primary, today presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton picked Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate.

As anyone who follows politics is aware, Sen. Kaine is a moderate who recently signed a letter urging federal regulators to go easy on banks.

Kaine signed two letters on Monday urging federal regulators to go easy on banks ― one to help big banks dodge risk management rules, and another to help small banks avoid consumer protection standards.

Sen. Kaine also supported fast-tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the U.S. Senate, so it’s clear he’s no progressive. Then again, given that she’s admitted she’s a moderate/center candidate, Clinton’s choice of Tim Kaine as her running mate should surprise absolutely no one.

All Hillary Clinton’s choice of Tim Kaine does for me is cement the fact that I will be more unenthusiastic than I’ve ever been in casting my vote for a Democratic ticket.


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20 thoughts on “My reaction to Sen. Tim Kaine as Hillary’s VP pick: “Meh.”

  1. That settles it for me– Jill Stein, Green Party, gets my vote. I can now totally ignore all presidential politics until November.

  2. If polls continue to confirm that Sec. Clinton will carry Wisconsin’s ten-electoral votes, I will do the same.

  3. An ominous pick if Clinton and the DNC really wants progressive votes to help the Dems defeat Trump ( Kaine is much like Ron Kind, slaves to the TPP cause, which is obviously of vital importance to the establishment. This Convention will shape the Party for a long time to come, and there will be much infighting, not just on superdelegates, but on what we cannot accept in governance if we want to consider ourselves as Democrats.

    Secretary Clinton has committed to never letting TPP come to a vote, either before or after the election ( Let’s hope this Convention forces Hillary Clinton to not betray her promises. It will take a unified Dem vote with a big turnout to defeat Donald Trump.

  4. Any top down directives for your down-ticket state Assembly or Senate candidates that you might be backing (I’m supporting one daily and two others indirectly) tell DPW uppity-ups where to stuff it. We’re on our own, obviously with Clinton’s pick of Kaine, a direct F-U to Bernie leaners or progressive anything.

    Our Assembly candidate committee is first having to fight DPW directives from a muckity muck who lost the last four times for this seat, appointed himself our committee chair and and then we try to campaign against the incumbent after that on going struggle.

    “Leader,” is more concerned about making our well known candidate fit some sort of party mold than to campaign against the incumbent who has a truckload of faults to easily and simply oppose but the fearless one doesn’t want our candidate to say anything.

    Oh and here’s the latest, who’d have guessed from the DNC on wiki-leaked emails and the fix being in to stop Bernie.

    Like I suggest, if you have a good down ticket candidate, and we do, you are on your own, DPW/DNC will throw you an anchor and not a life-line. At the last meeting some people asked how we get the Bernie voters out locally now. Put as much distance as you can between your candidate and DPW/DNC. It’s your only hope.

  5. Am I a Democrat when I enter that vote booth ? Yes. And when i leave? Yes again!.

    Politics as is the world is not perfect. So too the candidates to serve as my voice.

    To allow those who serve the 1% to win because of some disagreement with a Democratic candidate whose totality of priorities differ in part from mine resulting in a denial of my vote is self defeating.

    1. Hey Duane,

      I do hear where you a coming from and that’s your decision. I simply don’t ignore the fact that both “sides,” (national party leadership) serve the 1%, lock, stock and barrel, no exceptions. I’m working for something resembling a Democratic Republic. That’s all (and everything important to me).

      Be well, be good.

      1. NQ,I am on the same page with you, Steve, Zach and other Progressives here on issues and priorities.

        It was my opinion that Hillary could get more done than Obama and I believe the same currently of her with Bernie.

        I’m an old time, liberal Democrat and I am secure in that status especially working for the middle class and the disadvantaged. I’m also a realist in that few in life get ALL that is “right and just.” I discovered that long ago working in a church sponsored soup kitchen as well as mopping up urine of the homeless in the pews who came in to warm up at the early morning Mass at the adjoining church in a large mid western city.


    1. Plenty of candidates down-ticket to support, state assembly and senate, US Congressional, Nelson in the 8th, Bucholz against Ron Kind, and the ouster of Paul Ryan for starters.

      The Dem WI Senate and Assembly campaign committees are distinctly separate from the DPW in my book. Lots of good candidates. Emphasize this with your friends, find them, join them.

      1. That’sounds exactly right NQ. You don’t have to vote Hillary (I will, but get why others won’t), but you cannot stay home. Many of great, LEGIT Dems to get behind on Aug. 9 and Nov. 8

      1. No, not the whole ballot. I’m in Sensenbrenner’s district. Penebaker will get my vote solely on his gun control stance.

        1. That probably wasn’t worded quite right now that I reread it. I’m sure there are other things about Mr Penebaker that I agree with. But his gun control advocacy is a big thing for me.

          1. Khary Penebaker is in favor of advancing toward universal healthcare and allowing college grads to refinance student loan debt (among other ideas). A great progressive who deserves support.

  6. Many good assembly and state senate candidates this year. I hope people frustrated by the presidential race still show up and support the great Democrats who are doing the tough work of running down ticket. In our area, we have Brandon White and Christine Welcher, who are both running very credible state assembly campaigns.

    It doesn’t really matter who is president if we’re stuck with a Republican majority in the state senate and state assembly for the next few years.

  7. American Democrats are so lucky to have a candidate with the real life political experience of Hillary Clinton. A Presidential candidate that sit 8 years at First Lady with her husband and took on, to Republican trepidation and call to arms, the ridiculously expensive and destructive healthcare issue creating many of our economic woes after 8 years of President Bush and unfunded war. Yet here we are, a bunch of losers, leaning toward another prideful venture with socialistic utopia that will not happen in the USA.

    Think about it! With the highest GPD in the world and the biggest trade deficit, our #1 producting industry, financial, we want to shut down and redistribute its wealth to a bunch of protesting, demonstrating, whining citizens who want meal tickets and vacation benefits…with more understanding for police haters.

    Socialism has brought to power dictators and “strong men”, poverty, slavery and human disasters throughout the world for centuries and this nation will have none of it. Unless they are duped by a bunch of mysoginists gathering around a Donald Trump.

    Hillary Clinton knows this country, knows what it needs and has some very good ideas, thanks in part to Presidents Obama and Clinton and her own work around the world, on how to make us better. We should be saying “hallelujah”…not “meh.”

    1. Cat,

      We’ve got socialism for the elites and austerity for everyone else.

      Sen. Sanders would have been a much better choice for capitalists.

      “Without spending–there are no sales;

      Without sales–there are no profits;

      Without profits–there is no demand for workers;

      Without demand for workers–there is no job creation;

      and without job creation–there is no recovery!”

      From economist Pavlina Tcherneva @ptcherneva

      Sec. Clinton is struggling with voters, who do not have a college degree, aka, “Reagan Democrats.” Those same voters trusted Sen. Sanders.

      If you get a chance, watch Sheriff Clarke’s speech at the GOP convention. I don’t agree with Sheriff Clarke’s solutions, but those voters like him.

    2. Hallelujah to her and her good friend and admired mentor Madeleine Albright, and their “meh,” to 500,000 Iragi children. Freed at last, weren’t they?. That was not a socialist economic model that did that. That was the US military imperialist empire of the 1% that did that and you’re saying it doesn’t need to take any responsibility for that atrocity.

      When you talk about losers, be careful who you are including besides yourself. Buy into the RNC rhetoric much. Sanders supporters are barely demanding that the Dems FINALLY do what is spelled out in the traditional Democratic Party platform. And guess what CAT, you are furthering the narrative that will defeat Hillary with the uninformed gibberish you just drooled onto the page above.

      Hillary’s best buds on video. Every picture tells a story about your democracy:

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