Now Marco Rubio Is Sending Me Emails!

How in the heck did this happen? The email that I use only for political business and Blogging Blue related inquiries just got a contribution solicitation from Senator Marco Rubio! Don’t these guys vet anything?


It’s no secret. Obama’s vision for America has been a disaster.

And yet, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton actually want to continue the failed policies that have weakened our great country and our citizens.

That’s why it’s crucial for our friends in Congress to reach their End-Of-Month fundraising goal ahead of the FEC deadline.

Speaker Ryan’s vision for America is a stark contrast to the one laid out by Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.

But if Paul Ryan loses the Speaker’s gavel after only one year, Nancy Pelosi will stop at nothing to put in place a radical liberal agenda. That’s why we must stand with Speaker Ryan.

Will you join me by pitching in to help Paul Ryan keep the majority?

Plus, If you donate to this email by midnight tonight, every single dollar will be double-matched.

I hope you’ll join me in this fight.


Senator Marco Rubio


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2 thoughts on “Now Marco Rubio Is Sending Me Emails!

  1. I’m not anyone but a VOTER in Florida. I just got an E mail demanding to know WHY I HADN’T YET SENT MY CONTRIBUTION to Marc Rubio !!
    Basically a SHAME TACTIC !! ~ I WAS SHOCKED , because I’m a Democrat… SO WHY AM I TARGETED FOR CASH ??
    I came on the internet to see if anyone else had this experience. Look what I find !!

    Disgusted with Politicians,
    Mrs Jane Doe

  2. Carol, take two aspirin before opening your e-mail until November 8. You will feel better the morning after.

    No charge.

    Doc Duane12

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