So about that ShepExpress endorsement of Julie Meyer

This week the normally progressive Shepherd Express decided to throw their endorsement in the Democratic primary in the 20th Assembly district to Julie Meyer, the challenger to incumbent State Rep. Christine Sinicki.

The Shepherd Express’ endorsement is particularly surprising given the fact that it chose to pass on endorsing a proven progressive in favor of Julie Meyer, a candidate whose top campaign contributor has given over $30,000 to Wisconsin Republicans and whose only endorsement to that point was from the Milwaukee Professional Firefighters Association, a group that has endorsed Republican Gov. Scott Walker more than once.

The Shepherd Express’s endorsement of Julie Meyer also caught the eye of capper at CogDis, who has an excellent take on why the endorsement is so odd. Here’s a snippet.

That is why I was taken off guard and taken aback when the Shepherd chose not to endorse Christine Sinicki but instead went with her primary opponent, Julie Meyer.

Not only was the endorsement shocking but the fallacies contained in their reasoning was mind-boggling.

They start by saying that Meyer wants to roll back the privatization of public schools because she is a teacher and saw the damage caused by Act 10.

The question regarding this is if Meyer was so bothered by it, why did she not take an active role since the beginning? Many of the teachers that are active in their union don’t recall ever seeing her at any rallies or supporting the cause in any other way. I dare say that Sinicki has attended more pro-public education events than Meyer has.

What’s really remarkable about the Shepherd Express’ endorsement of Julie Meyer is that it attempts to paint her as some sort of education policy expert who’ll be effective in fighting Republicans on public education, but that assertion is undermined by the fact that Julie Meyer wasn’t even endorsed by the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association, the very educators union that Julie Meyer is a dues-paying member of, undermining her assertion she’ll be better on public education than Rep. Sinicki.


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4 thoughts on “So about that ShepExpress endorsement of Julie Meyer

  1. From what I’ve read about Julie Meyer (most of which consists of blog posts on this site), I’m concerned that she may be a Republican plant, although I can’t confirm that.

  2. Beyond the obvious confusion over why they would endorse Meyer over Sinicki was the total mean spirited wording of the endorsement. It didn’t share the tone or tenor of any of their other endorsements, not even the others that also recommended a challenger over an incumbent.

    1. Which is why more than a few people are wondering who exactly wrote the endorsement, because it’s no big secret Dennis Hughes (who’s been helping Meyer’s campaign) and Lisa Kaiser are friends.

  3. Doesn’t matter who wrote the endorsement. If Louis Fortis didn’t approve of it, he would change it himself. He’s done so before.

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