Whither Obamacare: Governor Walker Weighs In

In an obvious positioning to get himself re-elected as Governor Of Wisconsin, Governor Walker weighs in on the controversies swirling around the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act (popularly known as Obamacare):

Gov. Scott Walker Thursday will urge his fellow Republicans in Congress to overhaul Obamacare but also caution them about going too far in the process.

Notice that word: overhaul? Not repeal and replace…OVERHAUL!

Walker has long supported making bedrock changes to funding Medicaid health programs for the needy that cover more than 1 million people in this state and 73 million nationally.

But the chairman of the Republican Governors Association said he and other governors also are finding potential pitfalls to this “block grant” approach.

It particular, it must account for the challenges of caring for certain high-cost groups such as the elderly, blind and disabled, he said. Leaders should be looking less at cutting Medicaid and more at making it manageable in the years to come, he added.

“A pure block grant doesn’t work. … The focus shouldn’t be immediate savings. It should be how do you reform this?” Walker said in an interview.

Pure block grants don’t work? Wasn’t he one of the major supporters of block grants…back in the day…like in 2016?

And then this sage advice from Governor Unintimidated who snuck out the tunnels under the Capitol in 2011, who holds invitation only gatherings in private businesses when he ventures out of Madison, and who has been for demolishing Obamacare and giving the state complete control over Medicaid:

Walker said that Republican members of Congress could win respect — if not agreement — if they show up and listen respectfully to critics and didn’t trash them.

“You don’t run from it. You run through it. … Talk about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it,” Walker said.

“If they give you the finger, give them the thumbs up.”

So governor, next time I wave at you I’ll be watching for that thumbs up!


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  1. Guvvie Unintimidated always has one finger raised. To the wind, that is. At the end of the day, he’ll do what his ALEC/AFP/Koch handlers tell him.

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