Yes or No on Walker budget items #3

In a piece at Urban Milwaukee, Steve Walter posits 12 Key State Budget Decisions with brief descriptions from Governor Walker’s 2017-2019 biennial Wisconsin budget and asks if we are for or against. I will take a stab at each one…one at a time:

3.UW tuition cut: Should resident undergraduate tuition on UW campuses be cut by 5 percent in the 2018-19 school year? The cut would save UW students and their parents about $35 million, which Walker’s budget replaces with state tax dollars. Yes/No

Well this one is pretty similar to yesterday…so it’s a Yes again. But once again I need to qualify this. If the state orders a cut in tuition they had better be prepared to increase their support for the University of Wisconsin directly from the general funds. And once again: eventually it would be great to move to a tuition free UW system for Wisconsinites all around.

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