The Gig Economy: More Support For Single Payer Universal Health Care!

We’ve written about universal health care a number of times. How it would encourage more entrepreneurs to start businesses knowing that they had health insurance, how small business owners wouldn’t have to compete for talent with bigger businesses because they couldn’t provide health insurance, and how employees would be more mobile because they didn’t have to worry about who would provide health insurance. Universal coverage would free up capital and allow free movement of labor.

Well then there’s the burgeoning ‘gig economy’. Where people drop out of the workaday world and contract themselves out for the individual gig and short term projects. Well apparently its growth has been augmented by the existence of the Affordable Care Act. Without employer health insurance, skilled people can take on the role of contractor on their own and secure health insurance through the ACA marketplace. Here’s some support of this trend from Steve Jagler’s weekly C-Level column from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

The rollout and survival (so far) of the Affordable Care Act has allowed more workers to be less reliant on employer-provided health insurance and not be as concerned about being denied insurance because of pre-existing conditions, thereby encouraging more mobility and independence in the workforce.

Go figure. Despite all of the dire warnings about its effects on the economy and the workforce it actually looks like the ACA is helping to grow the economy. It’s allowing Americans to branch out and try new ways of earning a living. Who’da thunk?


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1 thought on “The Gig Economy: More Support For Single Payer Universal Health Care!

  1. Corporations (run by hihly-paid execs and shareholders) are avoiding hiring people, which is counter to our past economics, which were the most productive and successful (think paying employees), helping people in general. Ya think there’s a reason why Milwaukee circa 1970 used to be in the top 10 poulated cities nationwide, while now it falters to out of the Top 40?

    The “gig” economy, or “sharing” economy, is nothing that promotes economic growth or bolsters our populace. Of course people in dire straits would want universal healthcare. Hopefully the people can take over the politics of corporate neglect and move forward in our way of life. The Democratic Party needs to pay attention to it’s voting base; does our DPW really want to win the next election? Hmmmm…

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