5 thoughts on “The Wisconsin Governor’s Race Is Shaping Up

  1. By killing Act 10 and levy limits how much will property taxes go up?
    How are you going to get the Left to teach kids to read at MPS>?

  2. You know Walker and the right-wing slime machine will be at full blast come August, since they have nothing else to run on.

    What is your plan to deal with these attacks, and what is your plan to get your message to rise above of all of the noise WisGOP and their AM radio spokespeople are sure to spew?

    This same question should be asked of Martha Laning and other DPW personnel.

  3. Wisconsin’s minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. A living wage in WI for a single adult is $11.03 per hour. For a single parent with one child it should be $24.57 per hour. The economy cannot grow if people cannot even pay for their basic needs. What steps do you plan to take to help Wisconsin residents afford to live in WI?

  4. Tell us in detail how you plan to undo the Foxconn deal when you take office. If foundations/site construction is substantially underway, will the State of Wisconsin perform demolition, or will Foxconn be responsible for that? Will landowners who signed property acquisition deals with the company be compensated with Wisconsin tax dollars, or will Foxconn need to sue Wisconsin to recover those monies?

  5. Thank heavens, in about 6 months it will be gone, gone, gone forever and the good times will be BACK!

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