Trump Completes His Employee Performance Review

President Donald Trump went to Helsinki Finland and met privately, for two hours, with Russian President Vladimir Putin for his employee performance review. President Trump is making great progress on completing President Putin’s agenda:

1: Disrupt the European Union by supporting and undermining Brexit at the same time.
2: Threatening and undermining NATO, the defense organization created to defend Europe specifically against Russia.
3: Remove American leadership from climate change agreements.
4: Remove American leadership from the Iran agreement to allow additional Middle Eastern influence to fall to Russia.
5: Remove American leadership from pacific rim trade agreements leaving the TPP in disarray and despite allowing added Chinese influence, allowing additional Russian influence in Asia.
6: Undermining and ruining trust in America’s first line of defense against corruption, totalitarianism and fascism: the free and independent press.
7: Undermining trust in major American law enforcement agencies like the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation and federal courts.
8: Disrupting that ‘special relationship’ between the US and the UK by aggressive and boorish behavior against the Prime Minister and Queen.
9: Disrupting trade and alliances between our two closest neighbors, Mexico and Canada.
10: Disrupting international trade via unneeded and irrational tariffs.
11: Pulling out of human rights groups to stave off taking positions against Russia or having any called against the US.
12: Bullying our friends, neighbors, allies about anything in general that doesn’t meet this greater agenda.

and that’s all I could discover in the first 7 minutes.


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