If Your Vote Didn’t Count: The GOP Wouldn’t Be Obstructing Your Right to Vote!

Let’s start with the gerrymandering…yes in some cases that may limit the value of your vote for now…but only if you let it.

Voter ID…yes the GOP is trying its damnedest to prevent people from voting.

Voter Roll Purges just before the elections like those in Indiana and Georgia where thousands won’t know they have been dropped until they show up to vote.

North Dakota Native Americans who are suddenly disenfranchised because they live on reservations without street addresses…something that hasn’t changed in years…but now all of a sudden there’s a law against it.

Georgia voter registrations being held up by the tens of thousands because their names don’t precisely match other databases…I can understand how easy that is…since I generally use Ed in public but some official listings have my given name. What a crock.

Georgia holding back thousands of absentee ballots because the signatures aren’t exact matches…criminey…my signature doesn’t match when I do it twice in a row much less weeks or months apart.

There needs to be some common sense with these things…yes caution to prevent vote fraud…but not then disenfranchising tens of thousands of Americans.

So use your vote tomorrow…because there are people who would rather you didn’t!


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