Where Are The Airlines On The Government Shutdown?

One of the federal employee groups working without pay are the TSA agents who insure air travel safety. Recently it’s been reported that some TSA workers have been calling in sick at higher that usual numbers. Certainly no surprise under the current circumstances. A stressful thankless job is hard enough without wondering how you are going to meet your household expenses in the near term.

BTW: it isn’t particularly well paid even when they are working…with starting wages in the mid-20s and overall average wages in the mid-30s.

So where are the Airlines on this? They certainly are the most at risk if the TSA fails or shutdowns or makes an error. They are the major customers of the airports across the USA. They obviously have some of the biggest lobbying efforts in Washington. So why haven’t they spoken? Why aren’t they pestering their hometown senators and representatives to end the shutdown? Why aren’t they pestering the White House? Why weren’t any of them on the Sunday morning talk shows? Certainly their voice is louder than mine.

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