OK…Now Robin Vos Is Just Being a Jerk

I try to avoid calling names on this blog, feeling civility starts with me and Blogging Blue…but now Robin Vos is just being a jerk. First he won’t do his job and now he’s telling the governor to not do his job. btw: isn’t the state senate the body that approves appointments? So the assembly has nothing to do with it.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said Wednesday that Gov. Tony Evers should not appoint anyone new to a commission that regulates utilities until there are more court rulings on lame-duck actions aimed at limiting the Democratic governor’s power. 

He made the comments a day after an appeals court unanimously ruled Evers was within his rights to push aside 15 appointees of former GOP Gov. Scott Walker, including Ellen Nowak of the Public Service Commission. 

This from a legislative body that apparently isn’t even doing anything anyway…sheesh:

With Wisconsin’s government divided, the state Legislature isn’t doing much. 

That was underscored Tuesday when lawmakers began their sole session for the month. The day’s plans for lawmaking are not robust.

The most substantive legislation they approved was Senate Bill 19, which would replace the phrase “mental retardation” with “intellectual disability” in state rules.

But last month Gov. Tony Evers issued an executive order to do just that — minimizing the effect of the legislation, which is meant to make Wisconsin a more welcoming state by taking an offensive term out of state rules. 

Also Tuesday, lawmakers heard from Tehassi Hill, chairman of the Oneida Nation, for the annual State of the Tribes address.

Beyond that, they did little.

So exactly what is keeping Rep. Vos so busy that he can’t walk across the rotunda and talk with the governor about the budget, appointments, and the future of Wisconsin?


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