Bernie Sanders Throws Himself Under The Bus

I have remained fairly neutral around the Democratic contenders while watching how things were going to shake out. And I am looking forward to the upcoming Democratic debates despite the huge number of candidates on each evening. I hadn’t ruled anyone out although I have three or four favorites.

But coming back from a trip to Fort Campbell, I found a Twitter post from Senator Bernie Sanders (I – Vermont) that removed him from my list:

So I guess I am now a member of the corporate wing of the Democratic Party…cause for me Sen. Sanders is no longer under my consideration. This isn’t one of the senator’s finest hours…but he did learn something in 2016…he’s playing strictly to his base not the general electorate.


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3 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Throws Himself Under The Bus

  1. Sen. Chuck Schumer is an obvious example of a “Corporate Democrat”– he is the senator for Wall Street and all the Banksters. Unfortunately, he is not the only example. Most every congressperson and senator (and presidential candidate) depends on BIG donations for their campaign financing. Make use of “Open Secrets” for your candidate– and check their voting record for correlation.

  2. Bernie Sanders reference to the “…corporate wing of the Democratic party….” probably referred to the “Third Way” (center-left) think-tank that has influence on Democratic party insiders. It is mainly funded by Wall Street investment bankers that is opposed to bank regulations. Hence, they are anti-Sanders.

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