Which Walker Is Eyeing A Run In The 5th Congressional District?

Last week I posted a quickie copy of a Tweet from Molly Beck of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel saying Matt Walker, the son of the former governor, was considering a run for the soon to be empty Wisconsin 5th Congressional Seat. Since then there’s been additional press coverage all over Wisconsin and plenty of talk…but mostly from his father, former Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker.

Former Gov. Scott Walker said Friday that his 25-year-old son is considering running for an open congressional seat in a suburban Milwaukee district.

The Republican told WISN-TV in an interview that his son, Matt, is interested in the traditionally conservative seat that includes the city of Wauwatosa, where he was born and grew up. Matt Walker, a 2016 Marquette University graduate, has never run for public office.

“He’s had a number of people reach out to him,” Scott Walker said. “I think in particular what intrigues him is he feels frustrated that AOC (Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez) somehow nationally is reflective of his generation. He’s 25 and he feels like there needs to be a counter-voice to that.”

When he asked me about it the other day, I gave him the advice you might not think of necessarily politically,” Scott Walker said. “I said, ‘One, you need to pray about it. If it’s God’s will to get in or not get in, you’ll figure that out first and foremost.’”

emphasis mine

There’s only one issue with this whole thing. The only person who hasn’t weighed in on the subject is the supposed potential candidate…Matt Walker!

For now, he is the only Walker talking about Matt’s potential run. Matt Walker hasn’t responded to messages sent Thursday and Friday asking about his interest in the seat.

Ok…in any realm of politics that is completely weird…I can’t think of another politician who was thinking about running for office who wasn’t personally out there doing some leg work…announcing an exploratory committee…setting up a treasurer and filing the necessary paperwork. And I can’t imagine a 25 year old who is thinking about a political future letting daddy do his talking for him. Even if he were a Democrat, I wouldn’t want that type of candidate.

OTOH we all know Scott Walker has a hard time keeping his mouth shut.


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