Lindsey Graham, just sit down and shut up!

In another distracting ploy to pressure the House Democrats to change their process around the impeachment inquiry, Senator Lindsey Graham introduced a resolution in the Senate to pressure the House to vote on authorizing the inquiry. Well as we saw earlier this evening, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has scheduled that vote for this coming Thursday.

… 50 Senate Republicans co-sponsored a resolution calling for an official House vote authorizing the inquiry, even though one is not technically required by the U.S. Constitution.

Graham, the author of the Senate resolution condemning the House process…

But let’s go back to Sen. Graham’s resolution. He introduced it in the Senate. Impeachment inquiries are the sole province of the House…and that’s per the US Constitution…and it is governed by House rules since the Constitution doesn’t spell out the process.

So the Senate has no standing here…zero…zip…nada…none. So Senator Graham needs to just sit down and shut up on this one!


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