WEAC Numbers On Cost of Voucher Schools to Public Schools

Is your school district on this list? Are you aware of these numbers? List is from our email inbox today!

In previous communications we warned you that the gerrymandered state legislature set the clock ticking on a Voucher Time Bomb that is inflicting extreme financial hardship on public school districts in Wisconsin. In sum:

Money to pay for voucher students in the statewide program comes directly from our public school districts.

The vast majority of students who receive voucher money would have been in private schools anyway.

The program is set to automatically expand every year until it is virtually unlimited.

This year, voucher schools are sucking $350 MILLION out of public schools in Wisconsin. The schools receiving this money operate with very few public standards beyond testing requirements in literacy and math. They are almost all religious schools and some of them deny evolution and the equality of women. They often don’t accept or retain the students that are most difficult to serve. They generally employ a very low-wage, high-turnover teaching force.

In our area, here are some of this year’s losses to voucher schools.

Even though some districts are already losing millions of dollars, we are still relatively early in the expansion. Each year, these numbers will get much worse. Concretely, they represent a loss of teaching staff, support services and educational opportunity for students in public schools. If your district is not on this list, in future years it probably will be.

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