Governor Evers…just don’t bother.

As regular readers are well aware, I am totally in favor of gun safety laws…even beyond the universal background checks and red flag laws endorsed by the governor and favored by 80% of the residents of Wisconsin.

But apparently Governor Evers is reserving the right to call a SECOND special session to address gun issues:

Gov. Tony Evers may call another special session of the state Legislature to address gun violence in Wisconsin in the wake of a very short, unproductive session earlier this month.

emphasis mine

Please, let’s not waste the time on that…let’s bring these bills to each legislative house and each legislative session and keep them visible constantly. These little special sessions just disappear from sight and memory too quickly to be valuable.

“There’s no immediate plans, but I maintain the option of doing that in the future,” Evers said. “Certainly, we’re disappointed in — I can’t even say it was a result — the lack of interest in taking on this issue.”

Say no more governor…no literally…please, say no more!


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