Some Random Thoughts On Last Night’s Dem Debate

I haven’t actually watched an entire debate. Just part’s of the previous one but most of last night’s version from Las Vegas. I missed the first ten minutes or so and the last 15 when my streaming went to hell and wanted to show me the president’s rally instead. shrug.

Michael Bloomberg was so ill prepared that I almost felt sorry for him…but that’s an almost. Pundits have been saying that the first one is always rocky and he didn’t really care anyway because he’s not in the Nevada race. But the guy is an experienced pol and successful businessman…in both cases prepared is standard operating procedure. I don’t know why he bothered if he wasn’t into it.

Joe Biden is back. Probably has a lot to do with Bloomberg being on stage since Bloomberg can cut into his constituency quite a bit. But he was into it, well prepared, and didn’t make any major Joeisms that I caught. Now the question is: can he maintain that concentration through the rest of the primaries.

Now Senator Elizabeth Warren hasn’t gone away…it’s just that the media has lost their affection for her…and she showed it last night. She nailed Bloomberg, clarified her positions, gave credit where she felt it due, and just got after things. I know it’s sort of a motto now, but instead of saying I have a plan for that, a synopsis of the plan would serve her better now that the field has been pared down.

I like both Senator Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg but last night might indicate that they aren’t quite ready for prime time…and maybe there was some luck involved in the New Hampshire and Iowa results. But we’ll see…it isn’t too late to get back on track.

Senator Bernie Sanders was the perfect imitation of Senator Bernie Sanders. I think he got lost in the fray a couple of times but he got his points in and increased my tinnitus for the evening. I know it’s his personal communication style, but I could do with less yelling and more conversational tones…like he’s trying to tell me something.

Winner: Senator Elizabeth Warren

My favorite quote from Pete Buttigieg: “Let’s put forward somebody who’s actually a Democrat.”

If you missed the debate and don’t want to watch the entire’s the transcript courtesy of NBC.


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