The Dems Still Don’t Know How to Do Tech.

After shaking my head about Joe Biden’s campaign thinking I lived in Iowa (Where Does Joe Biden Think I Live?), now Pete Buttigieg’s campaign apparently thinks I live in Nevada. Here’s an excerpt from today’s email:

Hey Edward, it’s José! We met on Tuesday.

Every night, I make at least 10 calls to talk to Nevadans about why I believe Pete is the candidate who will turn the page on our broken politics and usher in a new era of belonging — for all of us. And I need your help.

José Morales, Jr.

National Constituency Director

Pete for America

No they don’t actually think I live in Nevada but they want me to call people in Nevada…or donate so they can hire people to call Nevada. But really, I didn’t meet Mr. Morales on Tuesday. Even at my advanced age, I’d remember that! So really…they need to get their message(s) straight.


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1 thought on “The Dems Still Don’t Know How to Do Tech.

  1. If the name at the top of the electronic correspondence isn’t Mike or Bernie, it’s not bad tech. It’s a lack of money to hire competent IT. Think of it as cadaveric spasm from a dead campaign. That goes double for Joe.

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