Doing my part to defeat Ron Johnson!

Besides endorsing Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes to replace Ron Johnson in the US Senate and donating to his campaign…although it’s painful…I have been letting all of the RoJo ads on YouTube run to completion so I can help waste their advertising budget…but I remain amazed at the outright lies coming from both RoJo and the third parties running ads supporting his re-election.


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1 thought on “Doing my part to defeat Ron Johnson!

  1. I’m not amazed by them, but I am insulted that they’re so easily disprovable and dishonest.

    I saw one the other day saying it was a good thing that Johnson promoted “right to try” bills that allow any wackadoodle “cure” to be tried without FDA approval. After all, what do the book-learners and the doctors know?

    There’s another that says (somehow) that Biden is causing inflation with the budget deficit (which is at its lowest in 5 years) and we solve gas prices by…drilling more. And that Dem leaders have been in DC too long but gives no mention that Republicans have Congress in many of those years and have blocked Dems in many others, and that RON JOHNSON WAS CHAIRING CONGRESS COMMITTEES.

    You want to clean up DC, you boot the Swamp Creature that’s been holding things up for the last 12 years. Aka – Ron Johnson.

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