Self Check Out : Bad, Self Pour : Good?

I am sure that most of you have seen articles or social media posts that find fault with retailers who use self check out lanes. It takes jobs away from real people. Which is true.

But today some of those same people are excited about going to a bar where you pour your own beer from a wall of tappers controlled by an application. Doesn’t this take bar tending jobs away from real people? Seems just as true.

But here’s the impetus to the posts that I have been seeing:

According to a news release, Geneva Tap House, Wisconsin’s biggest self-serve taproom, features a 50-tap self-pour draft beverage system offering a vast selection of beer, wine, and more.

The self-serve system is powered by iPourIt technology and includes interactive tap screens that allow patrons to explore the options on the tap wall and see details like ABV, IBU, tasting notes, price per ounce, and more. Guests can then use an RFID-enabled wristband to activate the taps, pour just a taste or a full pint, and track the ounces as they go.

So what’s it going to be people, self service or full service? And I suppose buying an electric car solves the angst at the gas pumps…


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