The Balanced Budget Amendment…

Former Governor Scott Walker is of course still on his crusade for a federal balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. Just as recently…as yesterday! While the president, his cabinet, and the senate are proposing cash payments to Americans to provide economic support during the economic catastrophe resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

IF we currently had a federal balanced budget amendment…our economy would be sinking into the biggest depression in history. Neither Congress nor the White House could lift much of a finger. After the Federal Reserve ran out of money and trick bookkeeping…they’d be done. Right now Congress and the President are pulling out all of the credit cards to keep the joint running!

Mr. Walker should sit down and shut up and wash his hands.


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2 thoughts on “The Balanced Budget Amendment…

  1. These gop’ers have lost their mind. I just saw Hannity preaching to kids on spring break about not taking this virus stuff seriously. He was yapping for days about this being a hoax and now he wants to blast people who take it lightly.

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