When Warren Drops Out Who Does She Endorse?

There’s a Washington Post article saying that Senator Elizabeth Warren’s campaign in meeting with Senator Bernie Sanders’ cohort to discuss her leaving the campaign and uniting the liberal/progressive wing of the party.

But it also mentions that she is talking to Joe Biden’s camp about an endorsement deal as well.

And there is some thought that she could leave and not endorse anyone and just hang around and wield whatever influence that she can maintain at the convention and the general election.

Winning the backing of Warren, who began the race as a leader of the party’s liberal wing but later positioned herself as a uniter, would be a coup for either Sanders or Biden. For Sanders, it could help unify the liberal faction and signal that he is very much still in the race; for Biden, it would extend the recent rush of party leaders who have rallied around him.

So what would be best for Senator Warren? What would be best for the nation? A united progressive bloc that can stand toe to toe with Joe Biden and the moderates? A Joe Biden ticket with a Senator Warren as the vice president? An independent Senator Warren who can call her own shots now and in four years?

When do you think she drops out? My vote is for her to go her own way.


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