Gov. Evers Finally Gets Off The Pot: Got Your Mask?

Gov. Tony Evers is requiring all Wisconsin residents to wear face masks while indoors until the end of September.

The order issued Thursday takes effect Saturday and makes Wisconsin the 34th state to require face coverings — a tool health experts say can substantially reduce transmission of the coronavirus, which can cause serious illness and has no vaccine. 

Along with the new face mask requirement, Evers declared a new public health emergency in Wisconsin over rising cases of the virus — a move that considered legally dubious by conservatives.

So we’ll see if Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald decide to sue or not? Apparently not, see below! But to take the pressure off of them, there is an exclusion provided by the governor:

A number of exceptions also were included in the order, including for members of the state Legislature and the state judiciary.

But it does look like it will be an interesting two months:

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, said there are constitutional questions about Evers’ new public health emergency and mask order but signaled he would not be suing the governor over them. 

“I understand the necessity of doing all that we can to control the spread of COVID-19. We all know it’s serious,” Vos said in a statement. “Local governments have been responding appropriately and increasing precautionary measures as needed. But Wisconsin shouldn’t have a one-size-fits-all mandate.”

Republican state Sen. Steve Nass called on Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald “to immediately call the Legislature back into session to pass a joint resolution ending Governor Evers’ new illegal and unnecessary emergency declaration.”

Illegal or not, that would be up to the courts…unnecessary…far from it. But the Legislature has done damn near nothing to help resolve the continued health crisis…it wouldn’t be in their best interest to make it worse.

Rave on!


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5 thoughts on “Gov. Evers Finally Gets Off The Pot: Got Your Mask?

  1. NOW vos says it’s serious? Wonder what changed his mind? Now nass wants to call everyone back. They have been sitting on their ass getting paid for months doing nothing. Local governments have not been responding. Come up to the Dells and look around.

  2. I’m just happy we don’t have a malaria outbreak. To keep the mosquitoes out of your yard, the Gov. Evers chain link fence mandate would be expensive.

    1. This is a ridiculous comment, because malaria and COVID-19 are not even remotely the same. The fact that you and your ilk want to politicize a public health issue is really quite galling.

      1. the ‘malaria’ issue comes from a conservative trope currently making the rounds. but it misses and reinforces a number of points. the coronavirus does in fact need a vehicle to move from host to host. just like the mosquito is required to transmit malaria. coronavirus can’t move on its own. but the point they miss is…the shield against the virus doesn’t need to be small enough to block the virus…it only needs to be small enough to block the droplets carrying the virus…hence the efficacy of masks. and no matter how many links Nemo provides, the evidence in the real world indicates that masks are successful…the only thing that would work better is another lockdown and we know how everyone feels about that.

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