Evers Recall Effort Ends With A Whimper From Lack Of Interest

I guess that we didn’t report on it because it seemed like a futile effort…which in fact it turned out to be. But the effort to recall Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers came up short in the signature count.

A week after insisting she had enough signatures, the woman organizing a recall campaign against Democratic Gov. Tony Evers announced Monday her effort had failed.

“It is with a heavy heart we announce that after proofing and what came in over the weekend we have fallen short. We do not have enough signatures to turn in,” organizer Misty Polewczynski wrote in a Facebook post.

She did not say how many signatures she had gathered. She would have needed 670,000 to force a recall election early next year. The same amount was needed to recall Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes.

The signatures would have been due on Tuesday, but none will be turned in, Polewczynski wrote.

One more wanna be got her 15 minutes…


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1 thought on “Evers Recall Effort Ends With A Whimper From Lack Of Interest

  1. Thanks for the news…I found this out from your blog a minute ago. To the woman and her ilk in question….Oh, shock! The recall campaign against Gov. Evers failed. Guess they have time now to attend Trump’s super-spreader events.

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