SCOTUS Leaves Wisconsin Absentee Voting Laws In Place…As Expected

I previously suggested that we all operate as if the existing absentee voting laws were in place even though suggested changes were getting batted around in the courts. Even if the US Supreme Court had allowed the extended voting rules, now is damn poor time to make that decision, essentially one week before the election.

And tomorrow is being touted as the last day to return your absentee ballot via mail if you want it to arrive on or before November 3rd. I wouldn’t put my faith in that information. If you are still holding an absentee ballot, fill it out, get it witnessed, and hand deliver it to your local election officials.

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld Wisconsin’s voting laws Monday, rejecting an effort to require the counting of absentee ballots that are sent back to election officials on or just before Election Day.

The court’s 5-3 ruling means that absentee ballots will be counted only if they are in the hands of municipal clerks by the time polls close on Nov. 3.

The decision is the end of the road for the case and means voters will have to adhere to longstanding rules in an election that is expected to have a record level of mail voting.


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