The Truly Faithful Denounce White Nationalist Theocracy

I was raised a good Methodist boy a long, long time ago. I left the physical church a long time ago as well, but in some ways the faith of my youth never left me.

I always gravitated to the New Testament message as a teenager, the books that comprised the Gospels containing the Sermon on the Mount, the Beatitudes, and in particular the illustration of Jesus whipping bankers out of the temple. I always got a boost out of that one.

So it’s heartening to me to see elements of the broader faith community starting to take a stand against the White Christian Nationalist, conspiracy mongering madness that is rapidly becoming the core of the the Republican Party.

Huffington Post reports that over 900 Christian pastors, community leaders and academics, among them Billy Graham’s granddaughter Jerushah Duford, have signed a letter ” denouncing the faith-linked nationalism displayed at the insurrection and pledging to work toward quelling far-right extremism within evangelical circles.”

This is good news and should be celebrated. While most of us are familiar with the phrase ” The Christian Right” not everyone knows that there is a Christian Left, likely because they aren’t nearly as well organized, funded or prominent in American political life. That should change. There are a lot of metaphorical bankers out there in a lot of metaphorical temples. Time for some whips.


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