What’s the Democrats’ plan to raise the national minimum wage?

So now that the Senate Democrats’ plan to include a $15 minimum wage in a COVID-19 relief bill has gone down in flames what’s their Plan B?

Democrats’ $15 minimum wage increase isn’t going to survive the Senate. And they don’t have a Plan B yet.

The Senate parliamentarian’s decision to rule the wage hike out of order ahead of debate on President Joe Biden’s coronavirus relief plan saves Democrats from an internal fight over whether to increase it to $15 an hour. But it also leaves Democrats without a clear path forward on fulfilling a key campaign promise.

“Do we have a plan if she rules that it’s not allowable?” said Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) shortly before the ruling. “The answer is no. We have to come back to the discussions in the caucus about how to proceed.”

Democrats tried to squeeze the minimum wage hike into the so-called budget reconciliation process, which allows them to avoid a GOP filibuster and pass their Covid aid bill with 50 Democratic votes. But unless they can find some workaround or alternative solution, Democrats will need 10 Republicans to support it — an unlikely proposition given the yawning chasm between the two parties on the issue.

It goes without saying I hope Democrats in the U.S. Senate have a plan to pass a minimum wage increase into law, but I suspect as long as Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Synema continue to stand in opposition to an increase in the minimum wage the issue is dead on arrival, as it seems pretty clear absolutely no Republicans will support increasing the minimum wage to level that’s even remotely livable.


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6 thoughts on “What’s the Democrats’ plan to raise the national minimum wage?

  1. I think the answer is simple. Take the min wage out of the stimulus bill, and get those checks and unemployment benefits out to the people ASAP.

    Then reintroduce a min wage hike as a standalone bill in 2 months (maybe to $15, but at least to$12 with tipped wage at half that), and smack GOPs over the head with it. Dare them to argue and vote against it on its own merits.

    Also, pass the PRO Act as a standalone measure to encourage unionization and collective bargaining, and dare the “working man’s party” of the GOPto vote against that.

    Oh, and blow up the filibuster, as the Senate is already gerrymandered to low-population states as it is.

    1. Agree with your points. The filibuster needs to be done away with and Democrats should piece out a minimum wage increase and the PRO Act to force Republicans to vote for or against those efforts to help America’s workers.

  2. Exactly, the dems should put every piece of legislation in stand alone bills and make the repubs explain why they’re voting against policy which would benefit their constituents.

  3. Anyone expecting anything to be done in a humane and populist fashion for regular working class citizens by the democrats in Congress is delusional. Everything is happening just as they planned it.

    There was another serious upward transfer of wealth to the already wealthy with the initial and this stimulus package. Harris could have overruled the parliamentary procedural question which was used as an excuse to remove and stall inadequate sustaining checks and healthcarer for those forced from their jobs or for whom their businesses where forced to close, but that was an easy ruse.

    The poor, the elderly and people who don’t fit the Dem’s very own white nationalist mold are dying at significantly higher rates that more well to do citizens, who still have homes and food and whose children were much less affected by remote learning obstacles of crappy classrooms and inadequate/affordable internet connection or an ability to travel as easily as the more financially well off.

    Your suggestions are not wrong up above on this thread, but they miss the point that what is happening int DC is exactly what the professional class and techno-class neo-liberals are overjoyed to let, and actually pay our elected national Dems to continue doing.

    Where’s the DPW and Wikler’s all out assault on WI GOP gerrymandering right now? Non-existent, that’s where. He’s a good fund-raiser, but what good is any of that to most of us, when it benefits no-one in the working class?

  4. nonquixote, Yes, it is getting hard to continue supporting the Democratic party with their continued move to the right.

    1. Thanks. We have an almost entirely tireless group of WI state Dem legislators with no help or concern or support coming from above. I don’t give a large rat’s a$$ about Ron Johnson when Andre “the Hutt,” Jacque, or any of the other 14 WI state Assembly legislators who asked Pence on Jan 5, to ignore his own constitutional duty to count and certify the election results are involved in current state politics have gone unquestioned. They should all be doing time instead of considering new ways to suppress the vote in WI.

      Grateful for so many of our state Dem legislators and the voters who supported them but I only have a few dollars (fixed income senior here) for anyone other than the DPW or the DNC who have abandoned workers and seniors and any opportunity for our youth to live free and prosper, in every respect. Appreciate you sharing your comment.

      To the point, minimum wage should be about $25/hour. Look at how much your county subsidizes workers employed at chain restaurants or big box store outlets and add up the cost for those socialized costs for wholly private profits.

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