Attention: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel! You aren’t helping in the fight on COVID-19!

There are some things that can be harmful without anyone being aware of it. Here the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is trying to be proactive and discuss things that may cause headaches or slowdowns for area travelers during the upcoming holiday season. They even say as much in the sub-headline. But the photo says something much different. Similarly to something they posted over a year ago showing Governor Evers meeting with the Wisconsin National Guard during the lock downs….the photo showed the participants unmasked when masks were being required for all occasions. They used a file photo instead of a contemporary one and it gave the wrong impression.

Well welcome to November 2021 when they did it again by illustrating a timely story with a two year old photo from 2019 showing an airport terminal full of unmasked people. And yes the attribution underneath explains that but how often do people read that….and although the next text says ‘bring your mask’…what’s going to stick in your mind? That image of unmasked travelers for sure!

The media has to help…it can’t think that subtle warnings or tags are going to get the job done. They need to do better!


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