Senator Ron Johnson IS Running For Re-election

No matter what he tells the press about not having made up his mind, it is clear that he is in fact running for re-election. If he weren’t he would have announced as such by now given that the election is just a year away…and of course we know he is a loyal party stalwart and would want to give any GOP candidates the time necessary to mount an effective campaign! I mean right? So no matter what comes out of his mouth, he’s running. Whatever he promised last time is a moot point.

I would normally supply the link for this article but JSOnline has it listed as for subscribers only.

But of course, Senator Johnson has done things like this to keep his name and face out in front of the press and public. He’s continued to rant about the stolen election. He continues to deny science and claim that medicine is sandbagging effective treatments for COVID-19. And he has continued to fund raise…s-o-o–o he’s running!!!

And then today, this popped up on Facebook:

So any of you Republicans thinking about a Wisconsin Senate run in 2022, either stand aside or plan on running to the left of Senator Ron Johnson!


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