a same-sex marriage vote was a ‘stupid waste of time’

this is a quote from Senator Marco Rubio (R – FLA 1959). You may want to read the linked article since it actually describes Sen. Rubio stating that belief to the press before getting into an elevator with openly gay Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI 2022).

and then let me also repeat this quote from that other senator from Wisconsin that I used in an article earlier this week.

In a statement, Johnson said he wouldn’t oppose the Respect for Marriage Act if it comes up for a vote in the U.S. Senate, even though he said the bill is unnecessary.

This bill certainly seemed unnecessary just a few years ago…but so did Roe v. Wade until just a few short weeks ago. There can certainly be no harm in codifying and safeguarding the rights of a significant number of Americans…now or in the future.

Well, except now some electeds will have to go on the record on the subject in an election year…do they go with the majority of Americans or do they continue to cater to their own extreme base? Talk is cheap.

P.S. editor’s note: adding this new article Same-sex marriage debate poses problems for Republicans on July 24, 2022.


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